This vibrant world is about to rock. We have a puppy coming our way. The stars aligned, the time was right… we hope. We found this adorable little tyke online. Of course I didn’t notice while paging that the results had skipped to Yakima listings. And, of course, our daughter adored her. Okay a short 3-1/2 hour trip in good weather to Yakima for a puppy. No problem.

As I said, though, the stars aligned on this one. While investigating Cupcake we come to find out the rescue agent is coming to Portland at the end of the week transferring some other dogs. Cupcake is coming to us! Ready or not this adorable dog is joining the family.

They aren’t sure what type of dog Cupcake is. They think a Spaniel mix. We have some guesses on the mix but will wait until she is with us to venture a guess here. Apparently Cupcake was found outside an orchard in Yakima by the agent’s husband. No other siblings or parent were found. We get to be part of her long-term rescue, and I’m sure she will be part of our long-term joy.

Of course there is already a Cupcake gallery.

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