Emma’s Wing Dragonfly

Dragonfly We ran across this dragonfly at Willamette Mission State Park near Waconda, Oregon, this past June 2006. I’m saying that this is a dragonfly but the wing structure is different than I would normally expect. I did find some similar wing structured friends on the Asia Dragonfly site. Hope you enjoy this little creature, it was quite a sight.

Enjoy the larger image to see more details, and let me know if you would like the original larger view to be posted. I’ll update this entry when I have a chance to get an identification.

13-Feb Update: The dragonfly has been confirmed. The Slater Museum of Natural History at the University of Puget Sound has a page of Odonata photos which includes an image of pairs of Coenagrionidae Argia emma. Based upon coloring and, um, positioning, I would guess I digitally captured a female. I’ll leave it to you to verify my finding with the field key for Coenagrionidae (pond damsels). The range map for my little friend matches my suspicion, you may want to check out the other range maps as well. Last, but certainly not least, we have specimen images which hold no weight against the free and living beauty. You’ll find other Western Odonata specimen images that may help with your identification research.