Summit 2007: Day Two

Summit 2007Another busy day at Summit. Highlights were the opening of the Luminis Developers Lounge, a chance to sit with the Luminis Product Manager and the social event focused on the non-credit shopping cart functionality still in the design stage.

The Luminis Developers Lounge consumed most of my time last year in Orlando and promises to do the same this year. A good venue to share projects, successes and suffering. Once again we got to talk a little about the AJAX work others are doing to add functionality such as drag-and-drop channels. All cool but I don’t think anyone is at a point where they could go to production. There also isn’t any consistency in how people are moving forward with this investigation but this work will most likely influence the future of Luminis.

The discussion with the Luminis Product Manager was a nice chance to talk about the SunGard HE philosophy moving forward and to touch on long-term and short-term direction. As usual, many concerns returned to a suggestion to contact SunGard HE Services for a quote. This is valid input and will be taken into consideration.

The shopping cart study for non-credit students looks at this point to be on target. The SunGard HE staff seem to have done a good job collecting requirements from a representative sampling of institutions and seems open to including us as an early adopter to help move the effort forward.