Summit 2007: Day Three

Summit 2007Only one more day to go now. Today was not as rewarding as yesterday but many good contacts were made and relationships maintained. I skipped out of early sessions to meet with the Luminis ActionLine Manager. We had a good discussion on a number of topics regarding where we are going and where Luminis IV is going. He feels we’ve made the right decision to go with Sun Solaris but still felt that it was an unfortunate circumstance. Asked about choices between Linux and Solaris, there was indication that Solaris is the right choice — at least for now.

High Availability/Scalability Session

Pretty basic session covering the topic at a very high level without much of any detail. Only thing really taken away was yet another recommendation to push SSL onto the load balancer. It would be good to get the slides to see architecture graphics.

Dynamic Portal Content with LCMS (reference: mySIAST)

Only went to this to be sure I attended one LCMS session and to see how they were taking care of an issue we also face: numerous content publishers for singular channels. It looks like their solution works well for them but with Luminis IV here they may not have taken the same  path.

We don’t even use LCMS but this was a chance to see alternative uses without having to attend a basic LCMS session. The technique of interest is their practice of pulling data directly from the LCMS db via LCMS query tag using dql. They recommend the SunGard HE template developer course for LCMS.

Luminis Parallel Deployment at Pima Community College

  • Chat needs unique port for each web server
  • They make use of the standard Sun Cluster 3.1 product for email as referenced in Sun documentation
  • They just implemented Sun IDM 6.0
  • In production they are clustering the Luminis Resource Tier (including calendar and MB) for failover. A probe watches for failure, on failure they start up clone tier
  • On install, put cluster in place and then install Luminis
  • Have to build custom start, stop and probe scripts
  • Initially they worked with SunGard HE Services consultant
  • One school makes use of Pound open source load balancing software
  • References: Chris @ Pima and Mike @ Denver
  • See slides for network architecture

Summit 2008

Peyman and Jason to do presentation on our Sun Solaris installation. We’ll be a very early school in a few areas:

  • Solaris 10
  • Virtualization (Sun Containers)
  • ZFS

A discussion on our experience would be of much interest.