Jazz Stories

Enjoyed an evening of jazz stories. Lynn Darroch’s spoken jazz readings backed by guitarist John Stowell and saxophonist Rob Davis enthralled a small gathering at our small neighborhood library. The stories of jazz greats were intriguing and inspiring, and the pairing with live jazz backup pushed this from simply reflections from the lives of legends to a truly engaging encounter in poetic jazz art.

If you have a chance, catch a live performance or listen to samples and get your own copy on cdbaby.com.

You can also listen online to John Stowell and Rob Davis at the Portland Jazz Jams Podshow.

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  1. I went to Amazon and listened to snatches of Ray Brown’s music – the cool kind of jazz I like, out there, but with recognizable melody. Actually I listened because Summertime (and all of Gershwin) are favorites of mine. Thanks for the heads up — something to watch for at Half Priced Books.

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