Web Visions: TriMet Commute User Experience

Honoring the event I am attending today, I thought I’d share my user experience using TriMet, Portland’s public transportation entity, for travel from home to the Oregon Convention Center.

In short, the bus and MAX train ride were technically flawless. Even the preparations went smooth. Last night I used TriMet’s website to verify my travel plans. After entering my home address, my destination (just entered “Oregon Convention Center,” no address) and the time I needed to arrive by, the website informed me of where and when to catch my bus. It also let me know where to depart the bus and then walk to catch my MAX train. As I said, everything was flawless. Even the times were right on. But, despite this, the experience was mundane and uninspiring.

Then, on my short MAX ride, the coachman alerted us to the presence of a sea lion in the river to our right as we crossed the Steel Bridge. My transportation experience transformed immediately from an impersonal task into a shared experience. People around me morphed from mere indistinguishable shapes to inquisitive and true community partners.

One little action changed my experience.

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  1. Love your story about your experience with TriMet. I would like to forward your post to the MAX operator who made the difference for you that morning. Can you tell me what time you were traveling and what line?

    BTW, your post has been shared with the web development team and the marketing department at TriMet as an example and reminder of how we make a difference on a personal level with our riders.

    It’s certainly the “little actions” that make the big difference.

    From Luis: Debbie, I’ve tried to contact you but the email address isn’t working. In case you come back, I was on the MAX Blue Line probably around 8:20am from 4th and Yamhill downtown to the Convention Center.

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