Web Visions: Closing Keynote Ninjas

Closing keynote at WebVisions featured Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of askaninja.com fame. Their discussion covered the business aspects of developing a creative media business success. Running through their inspiration (e.g., redvsblue.com, tikibartv.com…) they shared the good of each inspiration and where each — and therefore us — could improve upon their business model.

Just as you’d expect from a ninja, the talk was filled with humor as we learned from their success and struggles.

I won’t pretend I knew much about the ninjas before reading about their presentation in the Web Visions materials. I did get to enjoy a few minutes with them at a table outside the meeting rooms before their talk as they prepared and I fixed something at work. Both are obviously fun and lively men that are passionate about their business — feel strange using “business” but in the context of their presentation today it seems to fit. Hopefully they enjoyed their visit to Portland and will be back again soon.