Writing Challenge

A young writer approached with a challenge… a writing challenge. Each author blessed with minutes to create poetry. One charged with placing words on lines to mask ownership. The judge lurked in the writing of the little lady. Lurk in our little writing journey and express yourself. The little lady sharing her light with us continues to amaze and delight.


In the woods lurking
All is completely dark

For now we’re here
Do not fear the darkness that we fight

Wait… don’t move
Someone’s coming
I don’t hear

It is the darkness lurking
For now it is half-past nine

Darkness and light
Are completely different


Seeing your life
Through another’s eyes
Opens doors
Otherwise denied

A child-like eagerness
Unbounds limits
Doomed upon us
By time’s quiet kiss

Step off
Embrace life
Make it yours
A vibrant journey

2 Replies to “Writing Challenge”

  1. “Lurking” is a well-written poem and creates vivid pictures. This poet has a wonderful imagination.

    “Journey” tells beautifully the wonder that children bring to us if we just open our hearts and minds to them.

    Well done, both of you.

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