Inverge 2007: Nike ZOOM Campaign

Inverge 2007 Session Summary

This panel of key players discussed the recent Nike ZOOM advertising campaign presented via interactive television (Dish Network). This “Quick is Deadly” campaign presents world class athletes providing tips to aspiring athletes and fans. Presenting unique detailed views of the athlete’s trademark moves and behind-the-scenes training experiences promises to draw the user into the experience and build the connection between consumer and brand.

The session included highlights of the LaDainian Tomlinson sequence highlighting his spin move. The ability to view in full motion or down to 1/32 speed is impressive and intriguing. The use of military grade motion cameras also drew in the talents and interests of renowned creative talent.

It was noted that issues with retailer processes kept the campaign from providing “buy now” options but the interactive environment did include local retailer information.

This promotion from Nike Brand Connections promises to build the Nike base. The campaign is just concluding so the panel did not have many measurement statistics. Without data it is left to conjecture as to the continuance of similar campaigns. If moving forward it would be exciting to see the social aspects of these campaigns expanded upon.