It looks like we’re taking another step forward in online word processing. Buzzword is a new web-based word processor running in the Flash player. It is an AIR application with a great interface and intuitive organizational options for your documents. The document list can be sorted alphabetically, by author, by user role, by last edited time stamp, by last viewed time stamp and by size.

The document editor itself is simple to use and supports a short list of Adobe fonts. (Adobe is acquiring Virtual Ubiquity, the developers.) You can share documents with others and also view the history of a document.

While you won’t find a lot more options than most online word processors, this rendition goes further and does it with amazing style. A key advantage to the Buzzword interface is the ability to see on the screen what you’ll see from the printer. I especially like the list handling. Creating and modifying a list of items is quite easy. “Skipping” is an excellent option that permits a new paragraph to stay associated with the previous bulleted item.

Will I stop using Google Docs? Most likely not for this stand-alone tool but we’ll see where Buzzword heads.  Buzzword is an impressive beta release.