Personal Injury Warning System

I just recently learned of Jonathan Corum‘s Personal Injury Warning System. It is a fun trip through his historic record of personal injuries and the warning signs that might have prevented each incident. Despite the extensive injuries, Jonathan retains a highly detailed memory. Here is my first attempt at a PIWS sign.

Personal Injury Warning Sign1973 Texas

Hide-and-seek does not mean you are invisible or able to pass through immovable objects.

Permanent Damage: Small scar dead-center forehead.

Looking Back: Too bad I didn’t have Dan’s advice to get me through that lamp post.

Create your own historic record.

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  1. That is the awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the Corum’s PIWS. Once I started reading them, I couldn’t stop until the end. However, I fear that my time line would have many, many more markers…

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