December Snow in Portland

A wintry week in Portland is capped off by a true winter storm. All week has seen snow off and on with school closures all week, although a couple of days probably should not have been called off. Today, though, we have really been hit.

We started the day off with a beautiful quiet snowfall in which we delivered food to the needy. This was followed by a trip to Sellwood to pick up the little girl from a sleep-over. The snow continued lightly the entire time while we visited. Upon leaving the snow continued but we found conditions worsening as we approached home. The winds picked up, snow deepened, we followed a snow plow, drifts in Portland accumulated. The thermometer in the car read 20 degrees and it was now quite windy.

We made it home to find drifts of powdery snow in the yard. I stayed out for a while letting the dog take care of business. Of course she loves the snow so it is hard to get her mind off playing in the snow. I shot a few photos to share with you.