Let It Snow, Snow, Snow

It continues to snow here in Portland. There is probably four to six inches of new snow this morning and it is continuing to fall. The latest forecasts look like it is cold throughout the week.

In-laws in Corbett are snowed in. The long drive to the house is always a snow drift drop-off point. In the front yard they have a large fountain that is probably 3-1/2 feet with only the top 5 inches is visible. Christmas in the country may have to be delayed.

We haven’t made it to the Christmas lights at Peacock Lane but we can all enjoy the bicycle of lights.

One Reply to “Let It Snow, Snow, Snow”

  1. This reminds me of winters in Montana. One year, the snow in the driveway was so deep and had softened and frozen so many times, that it too both Mack and and a neighbor to cut it into blocks and lift it out to the side.
    Nothing more beautiful than a clear, cold, moonlit night with ice particles shinning on the snow.
    Shivver, shivver, shivver.

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