Night of the Worms, Again

As I’m sure you recall, I reported on a mass reproductive cycle of worms in my initial Night of the Worms posting in March 2007. Obviously I did not continue my studies of worm reproductive practices, but last night, as I was again out with the dog, I happened upon yet another night of the worms. I do have to admit that the scale was nothing compared to the previous encounter but my observation cycle may be off. Back to cycles, yesterday was another waning gibbous moon just like March 5, 2007.

Not only did I visually encounter this mass mating but would also swear that I could hear rustling in the soil. Could it be that thousands of worms are busily preparing or tidying up after their reproductive cycle? Or, perhaps it was late and I was hearing things.

Here are a few shots from last night. To view more images you can view the gallery from my previous posting.