Scrapple Fest at Reading Market

Our morning started at the Reading Market which is always an exciting adventure of noise, smells and sights. Today was especially unique as it was Scrapple Fest Day!

Scrapple? You don’t know what scrapple is? Well I didn’t either and I’m still not sure I do. Pork, I know that. The other ingredients are a mystery to me. I know I could look it up but I’m not sure I want to. My impression after viewing and tasting is that scrapple is a browner version of Spam.

The truck below was a “Guess the Weight” contest. I guessed 35 pounds and was told I was close (as I’m sure everyone heard that missed) and awarded a balloon.

While I can’t say I enjoyed my sample of scrapple, I did thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and excitement that Scrapple Fest brought to the market.