SunGardHE Summit 2009: Luminis 5 Architecture

This session presented the technical architecture and demonstrations for Luminis 5. In my eyes Luminis 5 is a product architected so differently from Luminis 4 that it almost represents a new product. Asked about release dates, the product technical architect deferred to the product manager who relayed the planned beta at the end of 2009 without a firm general release date in 2010.

The architecture is very framework based with all the Java and other keywords thrown in. The development environment is more agile with regular builds and ongoing unit and performance testing. Keywords and architectural strategies:

  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate object relationship management
  • Decoupled presentation objects to permit support for a variety of presentation layers (e.g., Liferay portal, Oracle portal, uPortal)
  • Terracotta cluster management
  • CAS
  • Separate administration node to remove administrative load from user facing nodes
  • No email and calendar delivered with Luminis 5
  • OpenLDAP
  • Apache JackRabbit CMS for portal content management
  • Apache CXF (a standards-based messaging tool) — may not keep as Spring could provide this functionality
  • Flex for some channel content (primarily administrative channels, Flex XML not exposed)
  • Clustering taken care of by baseline Luminis 5, no longer our responsibility. Probably still want load balancer but Luminis 5 may mean it need not support SSL termination or sticky sessions as sessions will persist across notes.
  • Inter-portlet communication (action in one channel results in update in another channel)
  • IDM support (UDC supported solutions)
  • Fine-grained Access Controls rewritten with Flex interface
  • CPIP deprecated (although GCF and Secret Store still use non-exposed CPIP libraries migrated into GCF)

With the new Luminis 5 framework and TerraCotta cluster management, configman can be deprecated and settings modifications can be pushed to all portal notes without the need for a restart. The demo showed live changes in the admin node equivalent to a configman setting that immediately took affect in the user nodes.

The development team is performing regular performance testing to watch for performance trends as Luminis 5 evolves.

Discussing future migrations to Luminis 5, there was discussion of an ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) based migration model. This would include extracts to XML, translation and then load to the new systems. This methodology would be a vast improvement over the migration model clients are still suffering when going from Luminis III to Luminis 4.

Group and Course Tools are replaced by Community. Accessing a My Communities tab presents a series of channels making up a community. Selecting a group in a separate channel updates a collection of other channels such as community photos, music and other content. Asked about migrating Luminis 4 groups the answer came back that “we haven’t, but we can.”