Exposing My YouTube.com Expanded Memory

I have been my introverted, modest self and for a year or so not announced my YouTube.com videos here when I’ve posted them. The videos are largely weekend chores around the house that I need to remember how to do the next time around. So YouTube.com is my long-term memory and, it turns out, the videos are helpful to others.

Over the past year or so I’ve posted seven weekend chore videos that have been viewed over 30,000 times. I know it isn’t impressive compared to many videos, but my expectations were low. I didn’t really expect a video showing how to clean a bathtub drain with a lift-and-turn stopper would get over 14,000 views. Apparently I’m not the only one that has had trouble removing that stopper.

Perhaps some of my shyness related to the quality of the videos. Usually I’m on my own so the chore is performed and filmed just by me with the camera on a tripod or in one hand while I work with the other. No fancy lighting, just the camera’s microphone and I try to get it done in one take. (I did have to retake one portion of the Fisher & Paykel Diverter Valve Repair.)

Now of course I kick myself if I perform a chore and don’t tape it. Initially my family thought I was a bit silly posting the videos but the many positive comments received are proof that many of us need help with these small household chores and could all benefit from a shared and expanded memory.

3 Replies to “Exposing My YouTube.com Expanded Memory”

  1. Hi, I used your you tube video on the unclogging the diverter valve…..thanks so much for great video. I just fixed my washer that had been leaking!
    Appreciate your help and will pass knowledge forward!

  2. I just watched your video about the Eco washer, and I have never ever done antyhing like this, but I did take off the diverter and it was clogged. I put it all back together, but now it is leaking like mad. I just cant seem to get it to stop! I am financially struggling and I really need to fix this myself, and I’ve come this far! Any advice?

    I did separate the diverter triangular thing, its white, the center of the diverter, b/c it was clogged. do youthink it could be that?

    I’m frustrated!

    1. If I understand correctly, you disassembled the diverter valve to clean it out. I did not need to do this to clean mine but it seems possible that if you don’t get it back together securely that it could leak. But it could also be your connections to the diverter valve. You may need to see it in action to determine where the leak is.

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