Accepting Reality: Terms of Service Agreements

TeamSnap Term of Service Agreement
TeamSnap Term of Service Agreement

Refreshing to see a site that accepts the reality that few, if any, users will ever read the lengthy terms of service. TeamSnap makes this clear if you read the small text below the Create New Team button.

Even though I probably won’t read them, by clicking this button I agree to the TeamSnap Terms of Service anyway.

They maintain this realistic viewpoint and casual tone in the TeamSnap privacy policy when referring to their promise not to share information with anyone.

The only exception to this might be if we’re required to share your information with law enforcement. Or maybe if there was some cataclysmic global event like an asteroid strike and we thought it might help. But short of that, your information is 100% confidential. In fact, we’d be inclined to lay down our lives to protect your information (or at least just lay down, like for a nap).

It is easy to be casual and fun when you have a product that serves its purpose well. In managing a soccer team, TeamSnap has proven to be simple to use and effective. Apparently there are many types of groups using the TeamSnap service beyond sports teams. Alas, no rock-paper-scissors teams yet.