Spelling Word Stories

I like to combine my daughter’s spelling words into instant stories as I quiz her. It is made more fun, since the words must be used in the order listed in her book. Does this help with her spelling? I’m not sure but it makes listing words more fun. Here are the words for this week.

The League of Heroes is led by Sergeant Egglatch from the team’s HQ yacht. Egglatch has doubt that the fatigue and debt weighing the team down is due to the ongoing Blood Wars. He also has vague recollections of an anxious foreign agent’s bargain advice that may have led the League’s troubles.

He would like to condemn the recent intrigue on Soxoff, the villain spotted last week eating cantaloupe during a sewage flood at a Paris train depot. Soxoff may appear to be a cordial individual, especially while wearing a subtle disguise, but don’t be fooled. This villain, according to the Heroes News Bureau, is reminiscent of every bad adjective. He is known for his long-winded and hot-tempered monologue. He seems just the type to have set the environment for Egglatch’s angst.

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