Twitter Use and KFC

Interesting conversation here on demographics of Twitter users. Everyone had their favorite “study” to reference.

One question was use of Twitter amongst the younger crowd. There are many new reports on an upswing in use over just a year ago. This contrasts the theory that Twitter is a place for older West Coast programming types.

KFC apparently agrees that usage is up amongst college age students. They are offering a healthy scholarship to one deserving tweeting student.

The contest is going well if #KFCScholar hashtag usage is a valid indicator. Alas, some are using the opportunity to bash KFC and others are playing with them by running another competition.

I choose to stay publicly neutral on the KFC front, but it looks like everyone is having fun. We’ll see if this healthy offering of student support gives KFC warm hearts or heartburn.

In the end it will be nice to know a deserving student is getting much needed support.