Oaxaca Warmth

Magnificent churches abound in Oaxaca. Each spellbinding in its own mystical manner.

Santo Domingo welcomes the world with its neighborly plaza and grand facade. I approached Santa Domingo from the side enjoying the view towards the zocalo and the church bells ringing. I had noticed what I thought was a pulley wheel oddly jutting from the side wall with a cord snaking up at an angle towards the tower. As the bells rang this pulley jerked back and forth. From so far away this mechanism rang in services.

Mass in Santo Domingo was touching though somewhat foreign. Offerings of peace brought a warmth of humanity for this stranger amongst the pews.

The same warmth bathed my first day in Oaxaca. The welcome of my homestay family, shared smiles in the streets, common laughter at a fiesta, joy found in the raucous play of children. Warmth abounds in Oaxaca.

Santo Domingo church in Oaxaca

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  1. Make sure to pack up some sunshine for your return to Oregon. Once again we have rain.

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