No, no perfection

Another day of classes in Spanish and ceramics. Between classes I am spoiled by comida (mid-day meal) with my host family. Bertha spoils me with a delicious and bountiful meal. Not every day will include these meals so I am enjoying them now. These first two days a short siesta follows comida before returning for ceramics.

Day two in ceramics found us evolving our creations (mine is the slug mug) from rough forms into smooth vessels. This process starts with smoothing the surface with a stick. As it gets smoother a stone or glass vial (did not ask what the liquid in the vial is) is rubbed on the surface to get a nice sheen. A soft sheen is the goal, I’m not sure mine would pass maestra’s expectations.

Our maestra is masterful, funny and loving. A few moments of her touch on our work is magically helpful. Maestra can quickly create amazing works while we struggle. In our efforts we were reminded by maestra that perfection is not the goal. Machines can create perfect copies but we are creating art with a soul and with the unique qualities only our touch can impart.

Our works of imperfection also include a touch of maestra’s soul, making them so much more truly perfect.