Little Jester and His Friends

Entertainment is everywhere in Oaxaca. Parades, fiestas, music, dancers. This day of my visit was one for dancers. Earlier in the evening we enjoyed a group of seniors performing in the zócalo. These darling couples drew a large crowd and performed elegantly.

Little Jester was quite a showman

Then on the return to my home stay we ran into another dance performance at the Plazuela del Carmen Alto. Children were the stars of this performance which included a deer dance and a lively party dance featuring gorgeous costumes, much twirling and a stellar jester. This was a frolicking dance that the kids enjoyed performing and the audience loved. The master of ceremony was our little jester who took command. This little man was a true performer. Hopping off the stage and into the audience with a whistle blaring, bells jangling and eyes twinkling, he kept the crowd moving, clapping and laughing. He and his friends were irresistibly charming.