Coast Day

What shall we do? What shall we do, with our Japanese exchange student on a free day. On a sunny day the answer is easy, head to the coast. Off we go, eventually, out the door on our way to the Cannon Beach area. It was a little worrisome in the coast range as clouds built up and the windshield got sprinkled, but some positive thinking and a little luck rewarded us with a wonderful day.

Ecola State Park was our first destination. Taking in the sites at the viewpoints and then taking the 1.5 mile trail to Indian Beach. After the warmth of the sun during lunch, the shaded walk with its views was welcome. The beach was nice — if a little busy — but our entourage had fun playing in the sand and water. Yes, as usual, the water is cold but that doesn’t stop anyone. Sure the surfers have on wet suits but they are in the water longer and completely. We just wade in and play.

We checked out the tide pools on the south end of the beach checking out the little inter-tidal creatures. Our exchange student enjoyed seeing the clams, barnacles, crabs, starfish, anemones and other critters. Back on the trail found our littlest adventurer feeling pooped but a game of “I think I can” quickly distracted her attitude. She did quite well considering how strained people looked when we saw them earlier headed the same way. She even gave some women the incentive to move on, seeing a six-year-old easily marching on.

Then, of course, we had to hit the town. We — well, they — had to have a little bit of shopping, a little ice cream, a little more shopping. This in between a few stops at the restrooms and all followed up with a some dinner before the drive home.