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When we met Cupcake we were informed of a guess that she was a “Spaniel mix.” Of course everyone asks us what type of dog, so we’ve been trying to guess our own answer. Here is where I am so far — which may be far from accurate. We don’t plan any DNA testing to figure this out, but your input is more than welcome.

Based on size, behavior and coloring, my best amateurish statement is that she is a Pyrenean Sheepdog and Brittany mix. Cupcake seems to have many body and behavior similarities with the Pyrenean Sheepdog but with coloring (especially the giraffe spotting on the legs) of a Brittany. The Brittany is actually a Brittany Spaniel which would correlate with what we were told. Here are links to some pictures of these two breeds for you to study.

Pyrenean Sheepdog

Brittany Spaniel

As I look more I become more convinced she is a Pyrenean Shepherd dog. One aspect not in favor of my Pyrenean guess is that they are not very common, but either is our little assumed hybrid. You may also notice if you surf around that many Pyrenean Shepherds have longer coats which had me confused. It turns out that there is a smooth-faced Pyrenean with a shorter coat but it is still longer than that of Cupcake. Looking closer you’ll notice a Pyrenean page that includes puppy pictures in which the longer adult coat was not to be found. Check out the Harley link above and scroll down to the 4 month old photograph. Except for coloring it is a pretty close match for Cupcake. Harley even has a couple spots on those paws. Here are some more supporting images of my now jaded perspective.

Really not sure what Cupcake is, except that she is cute and a joy.

12/31/2007 Today had another person think Cupcake might be part Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle dog) and maybe Springer Spaniel. It is possible, I can see where they are coming from but size is an issue unless Cupcake is getting bigger than we think. While looking up Blue Heeler I ran across Australian Shepherd dogs which have some similarities with Pyrenean Shepherd dogs. Here are a couple links to images:

  • ASCA (no longer available)
  • AKC (no longer available)


It would help if there were some up to date shots. Here is a picture of Cupcake checking these out in the snow. Note that grown up she now has a tail brush (not sure if that is what it is called) and the fur on the hind legs gets quite long also.

The dog loves snowCupcake in the snow

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  1. I looked at the pictures and see a resemblance to Scooter when he was a puppy, however Cupcake’s ears are different. I see nothing in the Brittney Spaniel (except the spots). She doesn’t really look much like a Jack Russell either. Ah, so. Irregardless — she is a lovely little girl.


  2. i was looking at a picyure of ur dog and she looks like my dog except different colors. my dog is australian shepar/ bluheeler mix. and i can tell that ur dog is an australian shepard/ bluheeler……. i think that ur dog is a beautiful dog, her coat looks so soft and healthy. she just beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the comments. If you have a picture available for reference, please let me know. Lately we’ve thought based upon other dogs at the park and references online that perhaps she is a long-haired whippet mix (maybe whippet and australian shepard). Here are some long-haired whippet links, she has the thin body but not the long skinny snout.

  4. Erm, she’s just a poorly bred pet line australian shepherd. I am a pyreshep person and I can honestly say that there is no Pyre in there.

  5. we have a border collie blue heeler called bindi and have owned a black and white border collie called mick as well. we think your dog has definately got some if not all border collie traits and is also very cute

  6. Let me know if you ever find out what breed Cupcake is, I’m quite curious.
    I recently adopted a dog that looks almost exactly like her, but with grey spots instead of red. Also, she has a slightly longer, wiry coat.
    The closest thing we’ve been able to come up with is a longhair whippet mix, but she’s one of the most interesting looking dogs I have ever seen.

    1. Cady, If you have any pictures, it would be great to see your dog. I need to put more up here that show how skinny Cups waist is. Looking back at the shots in the Cupcake Gallery I see that her coat is longer now than when I took those photos. Will try to get some updated shots here soon.

  7. Looks like a Red Tri Australian Shepherd to me. Beautiful breed.
    I have three, two Blue merles and one Black tri. I love Aussies.

  8. Go to and look at the albumn “My dog Disco” I had never heard of the sheperd you mentioned, but my dog’s stance and bulid is identical. He also has the brown speckles on his legs. Any ideas of what you think he might be mixed with. Very similar to cup cake

    1. Natalie, I see the similarity you mention. It would be nice to see more pictures of Disco. Even our vet says she has quite a mix in her. She tends to herd when running with you or other small dogs. She points. She’s definitely a sight dog. She’s skinny like a whippet which makes me think she is not a red tri Australian shepherd or border collie which both seem to be thicker. We’ve seen a whippet that made us think of her. So my guess is still long-hair whippet, Australian shepherd, blue heeler, spaniel mix with maybe others in there too. Only thing we’ll know for sure is that she loves to run and chase balls. She would play fetch until she dropped if you let her.

  9. I have a puppy who looked like your Cupcake when he was younger except that he was black and white. I was told that he was a Cocker Spaniel/ American Eskimo mix. I didn’t really see much of those breeds in him so I started researching and I found a breed called Small Munsterlander and along with the Pyrenean Shepherd they are rare but you might wanna take a look.

    Hope it helps!

  10. Let me know if you ever find out what breed Cupcake is, I'm quite curious.
    I recently adopted a dog that looks almost exactly like her, but with grey spots instead of red. Also, she has a slightly longer, wiry coat.
    The closest thing we've been able to come up with is a longhair whippet mix, but she's one of the most interesting looking dogs I have ever seen.;. All the best!!

  11. Ok, let’s first get her color strait. She is not a red tri, she is a sable with black shading (some have more brownish shading, like a sheltie) and piebald white markings with ticking (spots on her muzzle, legs). A red tricolor would never have an ounce of black on them, and the give-away is her nose (or pigment) is black.

    Now for the breeds. Pyrenean Shepherds are incredibly rare, it is very unlikely she’s crossed with one unless you see them running all over as strays but that’s even more unlikely. Besides- pyrs can’t have much white, especially not as much as your girl. Longhaired whippets are possibly even rarer, so that’s very unlikely.

    Australian Shepherds have a pretty defined shape, unlike Border Collies. Aussies are generally stockier with much more coat than your girl. Of course this varies between lines but I’ve never seen an aussie with legs as long as your girl and a face like that. Plus, sable aussies are uncommon since it is not an accepted color.

    Border Collies have so much variation, she could very well be a purebred Border Collie. Generally they’re not this tall, but it really varies a ton. Plus sables and piebalds are perfectly acceptable, unlike in aussies.

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