Face Painting

Flower on cheekEnjoyed part of an evening face painting little ones for the second year in a row at my daughter’s school. Last year was a first, my quote after hearing about being volunteered for this duty… “We’re going to do what? Have I ever done this before? No.”

Fortunately it went well the first time and again this year. Last year one girl even commented that I was the best. Not sure if this speaks well to my abilities or to the abilities of the other volunteered sports. We all had fun and it is rewarding to see the anticipation in their eyes and that sparkle of joy upon seeing the magic on their face.

Flower on cheekOf course you start with a list of ‘approved’ artwork but the kids have their own ideas and the face is joined by the hand and arm as canvas.

Words of advice to anyone else volunteered for face painting without the requisite art degree:

  • Go buy your own quality paintbrushes. The ones provided will undoubtedly limit your creativity, but become a helpful excuse.
  • Make sure the organizers are strict on the schedule and breaks are in place. Even though their little faces are precious, it can be tough face painting for three hours straight with no food. (Things were better this year — we learned.)
  • Put the child in a chair a little higher than yours, it will save your back. You’ll be sitting in little first grade chairs anyway so this shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Don’t ask questions when you see a child later that you would swear you painted but now has a nice clean cheek. Rest assured they made a mess of themselves while gorging on food you’ll never see and their parent made them wash up.

Turtle on hand
Spider on hand