This evening I headed back to the workplace to check out the Vietnamese Student Association’s badminton tournament. Lucky for me that a student needed a partner, so I got to play. Purely for the fun of it as I have not really ever played badminton. There has been those rare occasions at a backyard picnic but nothing noteworthy.

We did okay but did not make it into the final rounds. Our play kept improving which was nice. My partner was fairly new to badminton as well. I’d say we were respectable, one more win in the initial round and we could have moved on.

You may be wondering why I participated since I’m not Vietnamese and not an avid badminton player. One factor was the pure fun of it, especially since your expectations don’t have to be too high for a sport you haven’t really played. Second, I play volleyball at lunch with several people that were playing and thought it would be fun to join them.

I also participated with some of the lunch volleyball crowd in a Vietnamese Student Association volleyball tournament a few months back at Portland State University. On that evening our Portland Community College team took top honors. Tonight, PSU teams dominated.

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  1. This sounds like it was a good time. I like badminton, but it has been a hundred years since I played. It was, in fact, the only sport I ever did well, probably because it is slower than anything else. Memories !!

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