Wet Noses

Our little daughter’s latest writing… Why Dogs Have Wet Noses!

CupcakeA long time ago a puppy named Buddy was walking down the road. All of a sudden he saw Mean Rat in his old car with that mean smile on his face.

Buddy dove into the nearest bush to hide, but it was too late. Mean Rat had seen him. Mean Rat said, “Hello Buddy, you look good in poison ivy!” Then he laughed and drove away.

“Stupid rat!” said Buddy as he ran away itching himself.

Later that afternoon Buddy saw Kikkie Kitty curled up in her chair and she saw him.

She said, “Hello Buddy, you look rather pink today. Why is that?”

Buddy said, “You know how I’m allergic to poison ivy?”

“Yes,” said Kikkie Kitty.

“Well, I saw Mean Rat in his car and I dove into the nearest bush and accidentally went into poison ivy,” he said.

“Oh, no!” said Kikkie Kitty.

“Let me finish the story. So, where was…” said Buddy being cut off by Kikkie Kitty.

“No, listen,” she said, “Your nose is wet from the poisoning.”

“I know,” said Buddy.

“It’s not stopping,” she said, “It might be permanent!”

“Oh, no,” said Buddy.

Three years later, it was still wet.

Our time, still wet!

That’s how dogs got wet noses!

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  1. Very good story, cute idea for how dogs got wet noses. Good thing all Buddy passed on to other dogs is the wet noses and not the poison ivy!!

    Keep writing. Love you.

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