A Message

A set of thoughts strung together hopefully as a poetic journal of one evening’s dinner mission (i.e., “Ya gotta go here!”) in Philadelphia.

Message at God’s house
August’s fulfillment

Cab to Jeno’s
Numbers rising

While fingers count
Darkness bends to light

Grease hangs in air
Destination come

Crowds imagined, gone
Untasted now tasted

Wrappings discarded
Mystery passed

Left on foot
Food surrounds

Speaking only English
In little Mexico

Markets shuttered
Curiosity set aside

Turning now
Light tempts

Walking steadily
Perhaps not wise

A man said no
All is well

Feet uncovered
Now wealth surrounds

Flowers held
Quick backward glances

Meet a hero
Stumbling forth

Not tonight
A hero’s lament

Questions of a girl
Playing the fools

Walnuts appear
Broad views subside

Wine and cigarettes lead
Directions come

Thank the studded one
Counting down

Sweet Bangkok’s found
Peter and Paul’s quest

One path found
Three tiered souls

New journeys begin
Until truth is found