Praying Mantis

A praying mantis visited the PCC Sylvania campus this morning. Amazing how attentive it was to people looking at it and talking to it. Appeared to be true interaction and communication.

Now I can add this to my list of wildlife seen on campus: deer, coyote, hummingbirds and other birds, a rat (don’t worry, only once), dogs, bees, ants dragging said bee to – uh – dinner, and, of course, squirrels.

Praying Mantis from above

Praying Mantis turning away

Praying Mantis looking our way

Yard Shots

A few photos from the yard checking out the iPhone 4 camera and Photoshop Express app. This post also originated in the WordPress app.

As a whole the process went well but I did have a need to finalize the post on my computer to post the photos as part of a gallery. I couldn’t complete this in the app or in Safari on the iPhone.

Enjoy the photos, it was a beautiful day to be outside.

Mulch Perspectives

Walked past newly spread mulch twice in one day with two different people. Both noted the widespread aroma but differed on the cause before being made aware of the fresh mulch. One noted the stink and equated it with manure; the second enjoyed the delicious scent of brown sugar. “Brown sugar” led to talk of gardens and the sweet, textured fragrance of a rich garden soil.

While I have nothing against manure and actually enjoy its scent in reasonable exposures, I much prefer the brown sugar reference and am now looking forward to getting my hands into our garden.

Evening Paddle in Scappoose Bay

Enjoyed a nice evening paddle in Scappoose Bay. Wonderful views, a quiet evening, a short soft shower, Great Blue Herons, the splashing of beavers and leaping little fish.

After night fell we followed each others glow-light taillights as we maneuvered our kayaks through fallen trees in a narrow channel.

I did get a few photos before we lost the light of day.

Thanks to Steve and Bonnie at Scappoose Bay Kayaking and to PCC Community Education for a memorable evening.